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Hebrew University of Jerusalem Bernard Cherrick Center for the Study of
 Zionism, the Yishuv and the State of Israel

History of the Hebrew University Project

This research project aims to examine the history of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem up to the foundation of the State of Israel contributing to the study of higher education and science in Israel in the context of the Yishuv and the emerging State of Israel. The project was initiated by the Hebrew University, like many other academic institutes in the world, and is conducted under the auspices of Cherrick Center.
As part of the project, the Center publishes a series of books - two of three volumes have been published thus far and the third is forthcoming. These collections of papers are written by scholars in various disciplines dealing with a wide range of related topics including the Hebrew University's evolution since its establishment in 1925; stories of some of the key figures who stood beside its cradle; the seeming conflict between national goals and the universal nature of scientific research; the University's significance to the Jewish people and its role in the life of the Yishuv; the firm base the University laid for the scientific and academic growth which took place in the early years of the State of Israel; and the material, political, and ideological challenges the University faced in becoming a distinguished and independent academic institute whose influence reaches far beyond its physical setting. For more information on the volumes see Publications.

Members of the Editorial Board:

  • Prof. Israel Bartal
  • Prof. Yehoshua Ben Arie
  • Prof. Hedva Ben-Israel
  • Prof. Hagit Lavsky
  • Prof. Moshe Lissak
  • Dr. Uzi Rebhun
  • Prof. Issachar Unna

Project Coordinator:

  • Ms. Ella Florsheim

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