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Hebrew University of Jerusalem Bernard Cherrick Center for the Study of
 Zionism, the Yishuv and the State of Israel

"Herzl Fellowship"

M.A 2009-2008
Gypsies in Jerusalem: Inhabitants of the Margin of the City Noga Buber-Ben David
PH.D 2009-2008
The Singing of Zemiroth Shabbath among Religious-Zionist: Ashkenazim in Israel. Naomi Cohn Zentner
A feminist economical entrepreneurship: Independent settlers in the 1882-1914 settlements. Orna Ehrlich
Conversion as a State Function: The involvement of a Democratic Nation-State in Conversion: The case of Israel. Netanel Fisher
The factors that determine elderly participation in the long - term care insurance program in Israel. Ezra Har
Contemporary Ashkenazi Liturgical Music in Israel - Encounter of Traditions Amalia Kedem
Rite of Passing: Orthodox Conversion in Israel. Michal Kravel
Historical-Cultural Geography and Photography: Jerusalem's Development as a Case Study Lavi Shay
A Monograph on Yakov Rabinovitch as a Cultural Critic 1910-1948. Mati Shemoelof

M.A 2006-2007
Influence of the Six Day War on Central Haredi Section: Ideology and Practical Integration Yair Halevy
PH.D 2006-2007
The Roots and Development of the "Mixed Farm" in The Jewish Agricultural Settlement in Palestine, 1908-1947 Hezi Amiur
The Association of Latin American Immigrants in Israel: The Dynamics of an Immigrants' Voluntary Organization Deby Babis
Haredi (Ultra Orthodox)Women and Haredi Mass Media in Israel Exposure Patterns and Reading Behavior Rivka Neria Ben-Shahar
Between Poetics and Politics Vision and Praxis in Current Activity to Construct the Third Temple Sarina Chen
The Israeli Society and the Black Market from World War II to Early 1950's Nimrod Hagiladi
A Tale of Two Cities: Palestinian-Arab Society, Institutions and Warriors in Jerusalem and Jaffa, 1947-1948 Itamar Radai
The Legal System of the IDF during the War of Independence Anat Stern
Successful and Unsuccessful Immigration Stories Maya Benish-Weisman
Post Doctorate 2006-2007
"Small People, Big Conflicts": Ethnonational Existential Uncertainty and Conflicts Uriel Abuluf

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